We make video advertising technology magic. Play your part.

We bring the certainty of science to the art of brand marketing across all disciplines and departments. Each of us at Tremor Video possesses a deep desire to lead and transform the video advertising experience for everyone. We are geeks when it comes to technology and own our roles like CEOs who don’t suffer complacency or “business as usual.” Our physical spaces and attitude reflect our start-up beginnings with the sophistication of an experienced, diverse, and engaged team of overachievers and never-settlers. If you want to make an impact on digital advertising technology and how brands reach and interact with consumers, we have a place for you waiting.

  • Opportunity

    Stretch yourself

    Start in one discipline — find your passion in another. Not only encouraged, it’s the trend here.

  • Innovation

    Solve for it

    Pitch big ideas, learn from setbacks, push farther. Our inventive spirit is recognized and rewarded.

  • Partnership

    The power of +1

    Seek out opposing points of view. Debate with colleagues, collaborate, learn more outside your expertise.

Employee Spotlight


Sales Strategy, Enterprise

“There’s always something new to learn and work toward achieving. We move fast, expanding what we’re working on today, and developing new projects and ideas to keep us ahead of the curve. It’s fast-paced, flexible, and fun – join the softball team!”



“I enjoy the open environment and opportunity that Tremor Video offers. It’s a true meritocracy here, where hard work and effort are rewarded.”


Production Design and UX

"I started in Creative, pumping out 30-40 creative ad units a month and moved into Product Development where my job and passion evolved. I love being able to lead creative vision for our customer touch points via campaign management, ad analytics, and the buy-side platform."

Who we are
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